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Folsom Farm Ribeye Steak - 4 Pack

Folsom Farm Ribeye Steak - 4 Pack

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Description: Indulge in the unmatched richness and tenderness of our Bovine & Swine Dry-Aged Ribeye Steaks, sourced from Folsom Farm. Each pack contains four individually packaged steaks, meticulously dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days to elevate their flavor and texture to perfection. 

Quality Ingredients: Our commitment to quality begins with Folsom Farm, renowned for their dedication to sustainable farming practices. Their rotational grazing and pasture-raised methods ensure that our steaks are of the highest quality, free from hormones or antibiotics. The Red Angus and Simmental breed combination promises a robust and succulent dining experience. 

Additionally, our process is rooted in sustainability and resourcefulness. We source whole cows from Folsom Farms and butcher them in-house. This holistic approach allows us to utilize every part of the animal, minimizing waste. The trimmings are used in our sausages, while the bones are utilized in stocks and sausages for our Fine Dining Restaurant group. 

Premium Dry-Aged Process: Upon receiving the product, Bovine & Swine applies a minimum 21-day dry aging process, enhancing the natural flavors and tenderness of the steaks. This meticulous technique results in a dining experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Ideal Thickness: Each steak is expertly hand-cut to 1.5 inches thick, ensuring a perfect balance of juiciness and tenderness with every bite. 

Finest Feeding Practices: Folsom Farm ensures top-notch quality by initially grass-feeding their cattle, followed by a transition to grain feeding with a balanced diet of hay, corn silage, Idaho spur, and flaked corn for the final 6 months. This meticulous approach allows them to graze on lush pasture, enhancing the flavor and marbling of our Dry-Aged Ribeye. 

Suggested Pairing: Elevate your dining experience by pairing our Dry-Aged Ribeye Steaks with a side of roasted seasonal vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes. Complement the rich and savory taste of the steak with a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon for an exquisite meal. 

Certified Natural: Folsom Farm's grain-finished, grass-fed approach ensures that our steaks are not only delicious but also verified natural, reflecting our dedication to providing the highest quality meat products to our customers. 

Experience the unmatched flavor and tenderness of Bovine & Swine's Dry-Aged Ribeye Steaks, perfect for any occasion.


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