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Folsom Farm New York Striploin - 4 Pack

Folsom Farm New York Striploin - 4 Pack

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Enjoy the remarkable flavor and tenderness of our Bovine & Swine Dry-Aged NY Strip Steaks, sourced directly from Folsom Farm, a local establishment committed to sustainable farming practices and ethical stewardship. Each pack includes four individually packaged steaks, carefully dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days to enhance their flavor and tenderness to perfection. 

Quality Ingredients: Our steaks are sourced from Folsom Farm, renowned for their meticulous care and sustainable practices. Cattle raised through rotational grazing and pasture-raised methods ensure premium quality meat, free from hormones or antibiotics. The Red Angus and Simmental breed combination guarantees a rich and flavorful dining experience. 

To minimize waste and uphold our commitment to sustainability, we procure whole cows from Folsom Farms and handle the butchering process in-house. Beyond selling the steaks, we utilize trimmings for our sausages and bones for stocks, ensuring no part of the animal goes to waste. 

Premium Dry-Aging Process: Upon receiving the product, Bovine & Swine applies a minimum 21-day dry aging process, further enhancing the flavor and tenderness of the steaks. This meticulous technique results in a truly exceptional dining experience that's second to none. 

Ideal Thickness: Each steak is expertly hand-cut to 1.5 inches thick, providing the perfect balance of tenderness and juiciness for your enjoyment. 

Finest Feeding Practices: Folsom Farm ensures top-notch quality by initially grass-feeding their cattle and transitioning to a grain-fed diet for the final 6 months. This meticulous approach, complemented by a balanced ration of hay, corn silage, Idaho spur, and flaked corn, enhances the flavor and marbling in every bite. 

Suggested Pairing: Elevate your dining experience by pairing our Dry-Aged NY Strip Steaks with your favorite red wine or craft beer for a memorable meal. For a perfect complement, savor them alongside Roadhouse Brewing's Family Vacation dry-hopped golden ale. 

Certified Natural: Folsom Farm's grain-finished, grass-fed approach ensures that our steaks are not only delicious but also verified natural, reflecting our dedication to providing the highest quality meat products to our customers. 

Savor the exceptional flavor and quality of Bovine & Swine's Dry-Aged NY Strip Steaks, a true testament to the art of fine dining.


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